Info Abend Paracelsus Schule Freiburg, 08.09.2016

Donnerstag, den 08.09.2016 Vortrag zum Seminar

“der perfekte Partner, der bin ich”

Therapie mit Humor


Humorvolle Therapieform erleben und kennenlernen mit Dozentin Alexandra Attenberger:

Was für ein Partner bin ich und was für ein Partner möchte ich sein? Therapie mit Humor, Spiel und Spass.
In die innere Welt eintauchen, eine individuelle Meditation ausarbeiten und der Partner werden den man gerne an der eigenen Seite hätte. Ist das möglich? Ich sage ja, und Sie?

Das Seminar zu diesem Infoabend findet am 24./25.09.2016 statt.

Wir freuen uns über Ihre Anmeldung zum Infoabend!

Wünschen Sie noch weitere Informationen zum Seminar, rufen Sie bitte die Studienleitung in Freiburg 0761 – 70 28 71 an.

Simba, the hunter & the hunted

He stands, looking at me, with a hunt in his eyes. And I am the hunted. Only a small bush, way to small, separates us. Nowhere to go, I turn round, grass, deeply green grass and more small bushes, the house behind, sunk into the hill. I stand still, frozen. Simba, the autistic cat is going for attack.

He comes at me, jumps, lightly over the bush, claws, one left, one right and bites deliciously into my knee. I’m in shock, he dared. I look around, he stands motionless, as if he always stood there, his forepaws are slightly bent like a ballet dancer’s feet. His gaze is ever so calm and only the small motion of his neck hair betrays his grinning. Like only a wild cat can do.

Leon is on the stairs leading into the garden below, looking up. His hair is a bit wild, fitting the mood of his cat. Otherwise he has a kind and handsome face. And he tells the story about the one hundred cats, living in a barn and how Simba was saved, still healthy enough and worth living. Most of the cats are put to death by the authorities. Ugly story, and still no excuse I smile.

Leon goes on, past onto his terrace with a light and easy step. Simba follows and jumps in a high and acrobatic arch over another small bush, oh, so good to have my beloved here, with me, I am unbeatable.

The summer evening is coolish and I turn to go up, into the house myself. A few feet next to me, on turning one last time, lies Simba stretched out on his side. No time exists for him, he can be in more then two places at once. His head is tilted and his very green eyes look steadily into mine. For a long time it seems, we are locked into each other. The hunter becomes the hunted. If you dare to show me your affection in your wild and playing way, be prepared, you will have to endure mine.

He closes his eyes softly, gently, not caring and brakes the gaze. The cool breeze calls me back into the house.

The next morning, the sun has not reached the very groomed garden yet, I open the drapes. He stands there waiting. I open the doors, he runs past me into the house and I past him into the garden. I want to walk, bare footed on the morning dew. Soft and warm is the grass, I start hopping around, careful to avoid the slugs.

Simba, realizing that I did not follow him, joins me, keeping his distance, he knows. We race together back and forth, fun is not the right word to tell the tale. Me and the cat, the cat and I wet our feet with the sacred morning dew. I keep calling out to him to watch out for the slugs, disgusting to step on.

Ant then, one moment, we stand still he is off guard and I sweep him into my arms. I feel his little heart beating fast into the palm of my hand, I am surprised, were we racing that hard? His small, so soft body sinks into my chest, of guard, and relaxes so completely, he turns heavy. One, two, three, four…Simba turns into the wild one again and jumps off, ever so lightly, without weight, back into the morning dew. 

My dear Simba, this is only the beginning. Even if your bite was gentle and soft, I will feel your heart beating, off guard I will find you more often then you dare to think, no matter what. You are the hunted now.

Give my best to Leon 🙂